Carlton Place - Berkeley, CA

Saida + Sullivan Design Partners

A $7.5 million, 35,000 square feet loft housing and retail spaces with 34-unit condominium. The 1st floor is 2-story tall for commercial space and 4 lofts with mezzanine. A mixed system of concrete shear wall, plywood shear wall, and steel braced frame was used to resist lateral forces. Completed in Jan 2007.

Mac Homes - Oakland, CA

Saida + Sullivan Design Partners

A $3.8 million, 16,000 square feet loft housing and retail building with 16-unit condominium. The second floor is a podium structure constructed with reinforced concrete columns and post tensioned concrete slab. The upper floors are timber-framed and utilize timber shearwalls to resist lateral forces.

Wesley House - Berkeley, CA

Kirk E. Peterson Associates & Architects

A $4.5 million multi-family/commercial project with 40 bedroom units at the upper 3 stories. The ground level of the building consists of approx. 5,880 sq. ft. of meeting hall, offices, college lounge, study alcove, and bike storage. There is a library for all the student tenants at the forth level. Completed 2011.

Kentfield Apartments - Stockton, CA

A 68,800 square feet project that consists of full renovation of three apartment buildings (totaling 90 units), a new community center, and new exterior steel stairs for all upper units.

Graham Townhomes - Berkeley, CA

Trachtenberg Architects

A three unit, 6,600 sf townhouse project. Each unit has its own private garage and garden. The three units are designed as one single structure with double walls in between units to optimize the efficiency of structural elements shared among the units while maintaining the necessary privacy between units.


Parker Place - Berkeley, CA

A 155-units green housing development that reuses part of an existing 1923 structure currently used as a car dealership. The project site is 16,000 sq. ft. and houses over 150,000 sq. ft. of both living and retail spaces. This project is currently in design.

Ashby Arts Senior Housing Development - Berkeley, CA

A $20 million senior housing/commercial project with 98 condominium units at the upper 5 stories, a ground level with approx. 10,000 sf of commercial retail and parking spaces, and a full basement with residential parking.

580 Hayes Street - San Francisco, CA

A 5 Story, 90-Units Senior Housing project with 3 Commercial Units at Ground Floor and 17 underground parking spaces. The entire structure is a concrete building with post-tension slab and supported on mat foundation.